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Is Orange the New Black?

Over the last couple of years here at UK Goodies we have seen, in various forms, a number of chocolate orange launches in the UK shops, and the frenzy over the flavour doesn't seem to have died down, in fact it seems to be growing!

The combination of rich, smooth chocolate, with the sweet, citrusy orange isn’t new – in 1927, McVities produced its first-ever Jaffa Cakes – a treat made up of sponge, orange jelly and dark chocolate.

And perhaps the UK’s most famous chocolate orange product, produced by Terry’s, was created in 1932 and it’s been a favourite stocking filler for decades. 

Despite the dominance of Terry’s in the chocolate orange scene for almost 90 years, it seems everyone else is finally catching up.   Here are some of the new orange flavoured products we have recently seen in the shop:

Some seem to have won you over more than overs, Wagon Wheels Orange more so than Cadbury Orange fingers, however, the original orange flavoured biscuits/cakes and chocolate still seem to be the winners.


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