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A Great Combination..Cheese & Pickle

Branston pickle

Nothing beats a good ploughmans at this time of the year, and when reaching for our Branston we saw that they agreed with us...

Branston Pickle, the UK's leading sweet pickle brand, has launched limited edition packaging, spelling out the brand's quintessential tag line 'Bring out the Branston'.  Half of the jars will have a new label reading 'Bring out.', replacing the traditional 'Branston' so that when on the shelf, the jars will read 'Bring out (the) Branston'.  We also found a few extras that have slipped in.

And should you have any 'leftover' pickl, ,Branston have also come up with some other ingenious ways to use their pickle, some of which we have included in our recipes section.


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