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Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the tin of Quality Street

However, it appears that it is shrinking in size.  Charlotte Stacey Hook from Washington, Tyne & Wear, posted a picture of the Quality Street tins she has collected over the past 20 years.

“Been putting the Christmas tree up, always keep my tins to put my decorations in after Christmas!” wrote Ms Hook on Quality Street's facebook page.  

"Look how they've changed in size from 1998 till 2014! Bring back the big tins! Loyal Quality Street customer!"

The latest tin weighs 780g and appears less than half the size of the tin Ms Hook bought nearly two decades ago.

A Nestlé spokesperson said: “This image does not compare like for like. As well as the 780g tub pictured, we also have a 1.3kg tin available which lovers of Quality Street might like to try this Christmas.

We have also had customers tell us that Nestle have announced that Christmas 2015 will be the last time we will have our Quality Street in the traditional tin. It will be plastic from now on.  Will Christmas ever be the same again?

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